Obeidi: the Kurdistan Alliance will use the Article (140) for additional gains

10.23.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad (news) said the leadership in the front of the dialogue and MP / coalition in Iraq / Yasin al-Obeidi, said the delegation of the Kurdistan Alliance uses the Article (140) for additional gains. Obeidi said in a statement (for the Agency news) on Sunday: The article (140) ended their effect on the date (21.12.2007), nor can the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and political blocs, including the Kurdistan Alliance, revived, indicating that the delegation of Kurdistan uses Article (140) in order to obtain additional gains as $ Kurdistan region or oil contracts. Earlier, warned the Iraqi List, the politicians, from the introduction of the issue of the disputed areas, within the political deals or to make scientific transactions on them. The leader of the mass of the dialogue and MP / coalition in Iraq / Raad Dahlaki (the news) "We warn the politicians to work on the liquidation, or agreement for political purposes at the expense of the people, stressing that the areas of Khanaqin and Jalula and Saadia and other disputed are part of this Iraq, and any action it must be for the benefit of the people of these areas and not in the interest of political actors. He Dahlaki: beware of the disputed areas to be part of the political deals, expected that the meetings will be between the central government and the province, calling Aktl to make the political interests of the people to prevail over their interests.