Mullah: Treatment of Ashraf residents Baltasfah to appease Tehran is unacceptable and this exercise will be subject to the law
04/05/2012 11:52:50

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... Said Haider Mulla Spokesman-based, Iraqi violations that we see with respect to the residents of Ashraf are due to great pressure by the Iranian regime to some government parties, especially in their recent visit in order to end the file of the residents of Camp Ashraf the way envisaged by Tehran and the denial of their rights Alasasaholas according to the treaties and conventions provided for in the United Nations and we have previously warned that those who practice these acts will be subject to the rule of law. The Mulla said in a statement received by the independent press (Iba) a copy of it on Friday that the file of MEK is one of the files are disturbing to the Iranian regime in light of the consequences that occur in the Iranian street As a result, the visit of any Iraqi official to Iran call to open the Iranian regime and the various ways how to end this means arbitrary and in a form that satisfies the Tehran regime, therefore, some political parties are now responding to pressure Iran and believe that the response of the Iraqi people are the first because this is the file After the UN should take into account of each party or party wants to maintain the reputation of Iraq. stressed about trying to confiscate their money that the Department file the residents of Camp Ashraf is subject to the dimension of internationalist and as a result of bids and political statements and actions have been taken from some parties in the government against them, as well as trying to convert camp Liberty to prison have rejected popular and humane and we're still on our positions prior to the residents of Camp Ashraf that he must respect the laws and international conventions in dealing with them. Al Mulla explained that the end of this file in any way or the price, this is unacceptable and must be dealt with Ashraf residents in ways that take into account regulations and international agreements and in a form that saves their human rights and stressed that he must provide the humanitarian conditions of the population in Liberty, and the United Nations a major role in the defense of their rights and not to remain silent in front of these violations. (End)