Iraqis are ready to solve the problem of debt

showed the Iraqi government on Saturday its readiness to solve the problem of debt to Jordan from the era of the former regime, such as the approach adopted with Egypt, while looking countries agreement to extend the pipeline to transport oil from the southern Basra to the refinery oil Jordanian in the city of Zarqa.
He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told a news briefing on the sidelines of the Davos Forum held at the Dead Sea "The Iraqi government is ready to solve the problem of debt to Jordan from the era of the former regime after it ended this file with the Egyptian side."
The value of the claims about the Jordanian official and a half billion dollars owed ​​to the Central Bank of Jordan on his Iraqi counterpart, while there are no exact figures for the benefit of traders and Jordanian companies. In a question on the continuation of Iraq's claim to a number of figures of the former regime, including Raghad Saddam Hussein, a resident of Jordan, Dabbagh said that "Interpol is calling for delivery of these characters and not Iraq," adding, "but there are still some of the crimes must be held accountable by the the perpetrators. " Regarding the presence of elements of the MKO in Iraq, the news agency quoted Iba it reaffirmed "the need to end this existence with the assistance of international organizations and neighboring countries," stressing that "their presence is no longer acceptable in particular, that Iraq does not have any information about what goes on inside Camp Ashraf," adding that "other countries to expel Iraqi refugees are the absence of consent to be granted asylum, and we are in Iraq ready to hospitality individuals but not groups." On the other hand, the detection and Oil Minister Abdul Karim Luaibi that Iraq and Jordan are considering signing of an agreement under which pipeline to transport oil to Jordan from the southern Basra oil refinery, even in the Jordanian city of Zarqa.

The news agency United Press International for Luaibi as saying during a Davos forum to share the work "The agreement will be signed into the study if the two sides agreed on several issues in this framework."

And provides Iraq Jordan by 3.6 million barrels of crude oil a year the preferential price of $ 18 a barrel oil by the Protocol signed between the two countries since 2006.

The two sides agreed last June, that the increased amount of oil Iraq exports to Jordan from 10 thousand barrels per day to 15 thousand.

He Luaibi to an "agreement Jordanian - Iraqi on the study of gas fields in Jordan, especially the field of badminton on the border between the two countries," stressing the readiness of Iraq to supply Jordan with gas in the coming years to meet Jordan's needs if there is a surplus.