Parliament hosts the five service ministries to discuss the reluctance in the completion of projects

Friday, 04 May / May 2012 08:59

Twilight News / Committee announced the parliamentary services and reconstruction, on Friday, hosted by the Minister for the service ministries to discuss the five levels of achievement in their projects, noting that the achievements of those ministries without the required level in varying rates.

A member of the Commission Services and Construction Ihsan al-Awadi, in an interview with " Twilight News "that his committee will host all the ministers of the service ministries of the five find out the reasons for non-completion of projects within the government's plan, noting that" all the ministries have not achieved a rate of 75% in completion of projects and this is it contrary constitutionality. "

He said al-Awadi, that "there is a difference in the percentage of completion of projects between the Ministry and the other, and least of 12% and the highest 70%," explaining that the Commission services and reconstruction will lift its recommendation to the House after the completion of receptions for the performance of the work of these ministries to the Council decides the appropriate actions in this regard. "

It is noteworthy that most of the functions of the Commission services and construction supervision of the parliamentary five ministries of service, namely: the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the Ministry of Municipalities and the Ministry of Transport and Communications Ministry and the Municipality of Baghdad.

The capital cities of Baghdad and other provinces of the country suffer from poor service and living reality, which is experiencing the state departments and institutions spread of financial and administrative corruption in all joints, according to observers.