Maliki calls for cooperation and reunification to complete the building of the armed forces

congratulated Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the Iraqi people and the sons of the armed forces to announce an agreement the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq the end of this year.
He said in a press conference held yesterday and attended the (morning): I am pleased to announce for the sons of our dear for a renewed commitment to withdraw American forces and added that this joint commitment is a success for both countries and peoples in the implementation of what has been agreed under the Convention on the withdrawal of U.S. forces in 2008.
He explained that the Declaration of Commitment emphasizes the balance of relations between the two countries and is a historic occasion for the sons of the Iraqi people and the sons of forces armed and proof plus the ability of the armed forces in maintaining security and said he was asked for the (morning) on the impact of this agreement is a success in the government's relationship with the political blocs dominated by wrangling, the prime minister: with regret that these things exist, where some say U.S. forces entered only to what remains, but the atmosphere is derived from this Agreement besieging these forces and I think that their chance to play on the contradictions and wrangling very weak and they do not want to restore sovereignty to Iraq but the Iraqi people respond to them appropriately. He called on all government, parliament and public to the need for cooperation and reunification to complete the building of the armed forces, noting that he can take advantage of the United States and the world in building the Iraqi economy and universities.
and that the policy of Iraq will give the opportunity for one to attack him unless he had designed it and it is exists, adding that the policy to interfere with others and attack the neighbors will not get again, as did Saddam's regime.
He said that Iraq had bought weapons and equipment from the United States, as received, including weapons and equipment as a gift, valued at between 700-800 million dollars.
and on the external threats, said "We're not worried about those expectations, because Iraq continues to increase its military capabilities and equip his army, and this does not mean that Iraq is not strong now, he is able to reply any external aggression on its territory and by all means."
He said: "Iraq and America folded pages of relations, which was ruled by the military presence, and will begin a new relationship between the two countries by the end of this year, as the Iraq wants to undertake all areas, and this is supported by the wider relationship of which with the United States. "
He pointed out that "strategic framework agreement with the United States is the basis in determining the relationship with the United States, this Convention shall be open and non-specific and can be adjusted. "The number of trainers and the period of their stay in Iraq will be determined in the contracts of the weapons will be purchased, and that" immunity have Mneksadtha many, whether emotional or intellectual or religious, which crossed the political blocs for its refusal to grant immunity for trainers. " But "the presence of coaches is normal when you buy weapons from the country of origin for the training of Iraqi personnel on the maintenance and use."
He continued that "the rules will remain for training purposes only and there is no military operations," pointing out that "the presence of U.S. military bases in the future requires a new agreement ratified by the House of Representatives. "
, while noting that the security situation in Iraq will not be affected by the withdrawal of U.S. forces, the expectation that the other acts of "terrorism."