Deputy for the Sadrist movement criticizes the government's decision to prevent the Communist Party of the celebration of Labor Day and is considered a decision is unconstitutional
May 3 (May) 2012

Criticized the Liberal MP for the block (the Sadrists) Rafie Abdul-Jabbar, the decision to ban the Communist Party of the celebration in the courtyard of Paradise International Workers Day, which coincided with the first of May. He told the "long" that "prevent a demonstration of the Communist Party to be doing in 1/5 in Firdous Square to celebrate International Workers Day, as well as to express their opinion on this occasion is the governmental action inconsistent with the Constitution."

He said MP Abdul-Jabbar "The Iraqi constitution guarantees the right of peaceful demonstration in the country by any party, regardless of political affiliation to establish celebrations according to the contexts set by the government, a request for demonstration or the effectiveness of certain locate the event before a certain period to the concerned authorities to enable the security services to protect the protesters ".

However, Abdul-Jabbar, "I think that the government is not fighting the Communist Party in the country for that party a long and well known in the political arena as well as the party is a dimension of union labor, but not one has the right to confiscate workers' right to protest or a celebration central for them, so the government to reconsider its decision to to enable the establishment of the Communist Party of the demonstration and celebration