Iraqi List: Kuwait waving several files to put pressure on Iraq

The Iraqi List, said that Kuwait is looming in many of the files that represent the elements of pressure on Iraq at the time of missing Iraqi negotiator performance of legally and politically to prevent damage to the interests of the country, an MP from the existing Hamza convulsive Alkrtani that the statements of some politicians in both two

Contributed to the strained relations in earlier times, but the settlement will be possible in accordance with agreements and treaties, without recourse to a war of words and statements that do not serve the two neighboring countries and not inconsistent with respect for the sovereignty and unity of Iraq's independence, noting to the existence of political parties in Iraq and Kuwait do not want to normalize relations and deepen.On the popular level said citizens need to re-Iraqi-Arab relations, especially Kuwait to track, stressing that Iraq needs to deepen political and economic relations with Kuwait to be a strategic ally in the region, also welcomed the citizens, mutual visits conducted by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Kuwaiti officials recently .
In another matter for citizens expressed their rejection of the decision of the provincial council in Basra, the judge cut off relations with the Turkish companies in the province, as he emphasized the President of the Provincial Council Albzona morning that the continuation of the Turkish intervention in Iraq's affairs would inevitably affect the economic relations between the two countries.
This resulted in the talks conducted by the Iraqi-Kuwaiti Joint Committee for the signing of two agreements for bilateral cooperation, said a statement issued by the Committee that after about thirteen hours of talks was reached agreement to form a committee to promote Iraqi cooperation Kuwait in all fields and other governing navigation in the port of Khor Abdullah.