State of Law Coalition: meetings Barzani is necessary and adheres to the National Alliance to meet the national

Reduce the State of Law coalition of the importance of consultation meetings led by the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani in Erbil and describing it without the necessary coalition member said Sami al-Askari said the priority would be for the national meeting called by President Jalal Talabani in Baghdad,

He emphasized that the meeting is still based initiative and enjoys the consensus of various parties and political blocs and does not need to go to Arbil, the military also described the talks conducted by the Barzani as an attempt to blow up a national meeting and split the ranks of the National Alliance.While emphasizing the Iraqi List, said the recent rapprochement with the Kurds and the Sadr movement would increase pressure on the National Alliance to foster dialogue and to establish the principle of national partnership and the said member of the list whose staff that the meeting of Erbil, which was held a few days ago under the chairmanship of Barzani and the presence of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr will contribute directly to the activation of the national dialogue and the implementation of the Convention on broken items Arbil, which formed the basis of which the government, stressing that the meeting of Arbil restored confidence to the political opponents of the possibility of finding solutions to the current political crisis. He criticized the remarks Ajili MPs from the coalition of state law on the recent political efforts led by Barzani, pointing out it's not alignment against Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, but it is a political effort designed to remove the ice between the political blocs.
The National Alliance has counted President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani against the Iraqi government sources within the coalition, told the world he made the decision to boycott any meeting called by Barzani will not believe its findings and recommendations, and the source confirmed that the alliance Egypt to hold a national meeting because he is the only option to resolve outstanding problems, In the same vein MP said the coalition of state law Khalid Asadi said his coalition refuses to be a discount is the judge, referring to Barzani, said Asadi said Baghdad is the appropriate place for the meeting the national and political meetings, on the other described the Iraqi List, the absence of a coalition of state law for the meeting of Irbil that widens the gap between him and the rest of the political blocs and the said MP from the list Raad Dahlaki that the absence of rule of law for the meeting of Irbil serious indicator and politicians over these things in order to advance the political process and the trend towards building the country and added Dahlaki that the meeting of Arbil was very important to overcome the obstacles facing the national meeting, indicating that the prolonged political crisis will pay to the visions of the other blocks and the formation of new alliances to find solutions to the exit of the tunnel of the crisis,
In contrast confirmed the mass and patriots that the meetings of Arbil last contributed to the worsening political scene did not live up to the level to find effective solutions to the political crisis and an MP from the bloc Ahmed Jubouri that the political blocs insisted on making their interests the party over the higher national interest and thus will not be able to reach a solution, explaining that what is happening the country's political movement will unfold in new alliances, Jabouri said that the solution to this crisis is by political blocs on the basis of the constitution and the state on the basis of citizenship away from sectarianism abhorrent that aborted the political process, on a related count parliamentarians meeting of political leaders in Arbil complement of consultative meetings in order to resolve the political differences, stressing that these meetings will bridge the gap between the blocks down to the national meeting to be held early next May, on the popular level showed citizens are optimistic the convening of the meeting of Irbil last of the leaders of the first row and its contribution to resolving the current crisis and we wish brotherhood of Arabs and Kurds in Iraq, one where security, stability and prosperity.