Talks with Kuwait: Alkrtani talking about the poor performance of Iraqi negotiator and Nassif calls to cancel debt
Posted 01/05/2012 07:03 AM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
While the Iraqi government confirms its success in managing the helm of the talks with Kuwait, and since the two countries avoid the consequences of past experiences, speaking voices that talks between the parliamentary Joint Committee, for "poor performance of Iraqi negotiator" and calls the other, Kuwait and as a gesture of goodwill, including, cancellation of debt.
The MP said the coalition of "Iraq," Hamza Alkrtani, in a press statement today that "Kuwaitis waving many of the files that represent the elements of pressure on Iraq, at a time when the Iraqi negotiator lacks the performance of legally and politically to prevent damage to the interests of the country."

Maliki in a meeting with the Emir of Kuwait last month

To that demanded an MP for the "Iraqi bloc" free, high-Nassif, Kuwait to cancel debts owed ​​by Iraq "if it wants to prove the sincerity of its intentions."
explained Nassif said in a statement that "most of Kuwaiti debt imposed on Iraq because of the policies of the former regime, it is injustice the Iraqi people to pay for those policies that he has had for the guilty, "emphasizing that" will bring down the debt to Kuwait the opportunity to prove its good intentions toward Iraq. "