Specialized international companies showing desire to work in Iraq

After the conclusion of the exhibition of Basra to the reconstruction and construction
of Basra - Hussein Tgb Tamimi
curtain came down on the gallery Basra International Building and Construction and infrastructure with the participation of 140 companies worldwide specializing offered what Bjabtha again occurred in the field of competence, and the delegations of the Arab companies and international art technologies in the economic and service sectors, housing, rapid which would reduce the time, days supply, which lasted for several days were well attended and a wide range of specialists and non-professionals, and organized delegations to several meetings through the round tables mini discussed the most important means of cooperation and mechanisms for recruitment of scientific development in the economic boom that was sought by the country. communicate with the world the governor of Basra, Dr. Khalaf Abdul Samad said while attending the exhibition: the exhibition came specialist firms large majority of the views of the world have the ability to work in all regions of Iraq is not in the province of Basra, exclusively, but the show is a forum for communication between Iraq and its institutions and its ministries and the outside world, which has advanced technology and rapid implementation of projects , which is the job important to the world, where competing among themselves to offer their latest of technologies to serve the stage of economic recovery that is going corrected the country and the gains to all sectors in line and the reality of Iraq, pointing out that this exhibition came at the right time, and a need to Offers companies in all sectors, pointing out that the various government can invest this exhibition, which was a high degree of organization, and represents the opportunity to follow the products of international companies and service productivity, and pointed to the importance of transferring this technology to Iraq at the present time. the domain of large- Ahmed Mrzuk Under one of the world said, was attended by our delegation to the exhibition, carrying a great desire to work in Iraq after we realized the importance of investment opportunities available, where we know from some Iraqi businessmen attending the international economic forums, there is the field of action and broad in Iraq brings together economic and service sectors, and today find us standing close by economic sectors in Iraq to stand at the most important requirements, and aspires implementation of projects corresponds to a great desire we have to work within a country have jobs and wide, and this step encourages the presence of companies in Basra, along with their international counterparts. provide for the time and effort the president of the company overseeing the organization of the exhibition Mohammed Sharif said: The field of the extensive work which is owned by Iraq's forced on us to invite the best international companies concerned and expressed willingness to work in Iraq under Dharov various and seen the reality of life and work by its presence to the city of Basra, which confirmed these companies it is keen to be present in the field of Iraq, and noted that a number of Turkish companies visited the power station to find out when the size of their need for rehabilitation and the possibility of building bridges of cooperation between the two sides in the establishment of new plants or the development is available, and the exhibitions provide all the supplies that help to promote economic . Valmard is not a sites to the public, but industry for economic growth in all areas of production and services. As it provides all the infrastructure requirements and construction and everything related to providing the level of services by various international companies that have the ability to work in Iraq. examine the reality of work and the agent one of the world said: We found the Iraqi economy to the global average in this exhibition each other to talk about the possibility of engage in investment partnerships to serve the local economy. He pointed out that roaming between international companies in their countries cost a lot of effort and money, and so we can say that the exhibition was a positive outcome, was the economic talks in various fields was organized between the Iraqi side, both public and private sectors and the major international energy companies, and the Iraqi economy can not grow away from the global economy, pointing out that all the international companies participating in the exhibition have the desire to work in Iraq, in addition to that international companies expressed willingness to enter into partnerships with local companies working in the field where oil studied two mechanism of joint work and how can production during this period and marketing outlets. He pointed out that the energy sectors of the Iraqi unable to get up again if given adequate conditions and global support.