Iran renews bring up the "union" with Iraq and warns "enemies" of prejudice to its relations with
30/04/2012 PM - 2:31 p.m.

New First Vice-President of Iran Mohammad Reza Rahimi to introduce a "union" between Iraq and Iran, two countries and described as "two souls in one body," warning "enemies" of prejudice relations between the two countries.

Rahimi said during the opening ceremony of exhibition production capacity and export and technical services and engineering in the province of Khuzestan, Iran, on Sunday, said that "the union between Tehran and Baghdad Union inseparable, which to the chagrin of enemies", describing Iran and Iraq as "two souls in one body."

He said Rahimi, that "Iraq's progress is considered as Iran's progress and vice versa", and demanded that the two countries to "make efforts to support one another," pointing out that "the two countries Aptaada for one another for years because of the vile practices of the enemies, but they have become today, in these circumstances, a second side by side."

Rahimi and stressed "the need to thwart any conspiracy designed to prejudice relations between the two countries through awareness and the wisdom of both sides," noting that what is happening in the region, "a conspiracy aimed at undermining the friendship and brotherhood between the peoples of Iran and Iraq."

The call First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi, the second of the Union between Iraq and Iran, the second in about a week, as confirmed Rahimi during a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki (April 23, 2012) that the Union, Iraq and Iran fully Sajolhma constitute a major force in the world.