Jaafari announces agreement Bsttina Iraqi blocs to hold the national meeting early next May

Political blocs agreed with the exception of the Iraqi List, the National Forum held during the first week of the month of May.

He called the National Alliance leader Ibrahim al-Jaafari of the political blocs to set goals in the priorities of national dialogues to overcome the problems.

Jaafari said he had agreed with leaders of political blocs, including President Talabani and Maliki and Barzani and Hakim and Sadr and Ahmad Chalabi to be the first week of the month of May as a date for the convening of the National Forum in Baghdad.

Jaafari stressed the importance of direct dialogue and rapid construction and to maintain national unity and defusing problems and obstacles that threaten the unity and sovereignty of Iraq.

Jaafari expressed his respect for all points of view offered by the political forces, indicating that the difference in points of view cause of dialogue and communication, not a cause of the outage and the intersection.