Apr thirty 10:32:14 a.m. . 2012 Peshmerga spokesman: There is no constitutional provision to prevent us from acquiring heavy weapons

Spokesman of the leadership of the Peshmerga forces «Guard Region» that the Peshmerga forces seized heavy weapons left by the Corps (I, II and V) Iraqi military deployed near the areas adjacent to the Kurdistan Region, for fear of falling in the hands of terrorists, has been repairing some of them and use them in military operations carried out by Peshmerga forces against the terrorist forces, as opposed to the Iraqi government, which sold at what is left of the former regime of those weapons scrap, referring to «that there is no constitutional provision to prevent Kurdistan from acquiring heavy weapons».

Major General Jabbar Yawar said in remarks specific to the «Middle East»: «The Government of the Territory signed a memorandum of understanding with the Iraqi government an eight-point, concerning the organization of the relationship between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army across the Ministries of Peshmerga and the defense, and determined note the definition of the Peshmerga forces and functions, property and quality of weapons that include tanks, armored vehicles, military vehicles and helicopters, with the exception of combat aircraft that do not we have, in fact, also identifies that note coordination of joint operations between the army and the Peshmerga in the face of terrorist forces inside Iraq, but the Iraqi government Ptlkaha on the implementation of the memorandum that we signed in 2007 contributed to the complexity of the crisis in the relationship between the Territory and the Centre with regard to the Peshmerga forces, which became part of the outstanding differences between Erbil and Baghdad ».

And emphasizes General Yawar «The Iraqi Constitution provides for the right region to form a police and security forces and the Peshmerga of its own, and that the memorandum of understanding referred to provided in one of the main points of the processing of the Peshmerga forces with weapons, and have a stake in the business he Iraq for the supply of modern weapons, but those memorandum had not been implemented despite the fact that the Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, has signed the order to form a committee headed by former adviser, Al-Rubaie, to implement them, but without result so far ». He added: «we are based in the process of reinforcing the experience of the Federal many countries, including the experience of the United States that allow states and territories to have heavy weapons, but we have not got yet any share to us from Iraqi weapons of modern, although there is agreement on the annexation of the Peshmerga forces to the Iraqi defense system, but nevertheless we bulking some officials in the Iraqi government Gnmnaha old weapons from the former regime, we used against the terrorists who threaten the security and stability of Iraq, while the Iraqi government sold the weapons Gnmth of scrap ».

Peshmerga spokesman called the Iraqi government to allocate a share of modern weapons supplied to Iraq for the Peshmerga forces, and said: «We will not recognize our weapons to the Iraqi government unless Jhzatna our share of new weapons, which has contracted or will contract in the future to arm the Iraqi army».