Towards a stable dinar .. Easy handling and storage and arithmetic - 18/10/2011 -

The decision of the zeros of a broad debate between supporters and opponents .. We wish a broader debate in the universities and the Council of Representatives and the rest of the institutions ... But an explanation of the picture, audio, and cardboard to create the public to this process. However, the phenomenon of health Valenqashat to mature opinion.

Especially with the availability of all information, such as money supply and the number of banknotes, exchange rates and others. When available the basic information of any file, the debate becomes positive, and not just rumors and controversies in the headlines of newspapers and news bar.
Objections to the process of canceling zeros addressed the possibility of fraud. واستشهدت بتغيير (15/10/2003- 15/1/2004).. She cited the changing currency (15/10/2003- 01/15/2004), which - and the short term - marred by stampedes and no doubt some of the acts of fraud, although that process has allowed them to achieve many things ..
1- instead of the single currency at the time the major currencies and the Swiss dinar Saddam dinar and the dollar .. Other than worn in certain areas Kaltoman Iranian and the Turkish lira and the Jordanian dinar.
2-the single currency has allowed the organization of a successful monetary policy of the Central Bank in difficult circumstances .. Iraq reserves raised from zero to reach 58 billion U.S. dollars a day .. And control of inflation exceeding three figures before 2003 .. And was 75% per year four years ago .. Up today to 5.2% per year .. And to maintain currency stability and strength .. Born tranquility, which markets and transactions .. The basic objectives of cash would not reduce some of the gaps and errors.
3- must be recognized that the central bank repeated some of the people's money to the people .. As the calculated value of 1500 dinars = dollars when you change currency And value of today's 1180 dinars to the dollar .. Any recovered every citizen the equivalent of 21.3% of its assets cash. Contrary to past policies that ate the cash assets to reach KD 3000 / dollars and more.
The objections Vsttrah the new currency Sttaih and currencies for a year or two years. Be withdrawn with zeros up gradually as the banks, you will not get a stampede. But may allow the process to disclose acts of forgery of currency in circulation today .. The objections to costs, the less printing papers (1000) once traded securities will be necessarily more feasible, note that the printing process continues annually for the withdrawal of securities damaged or increasing the money supply.
Will not change the zeros of the value of the currency, and will help to ease currency trading and fragmentation, storage and calculation. These good qualities of the coin, which of course the most important of stability and confidence.