Iraq calls for partnership in the management of the security file and constitutional amendments
Editor: GS 2011 17:47 GMT Saturday 22 v 1 2011 17:47 GMT Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Called the Iraqi List, Saturday, to accelerate the achievement of national balance and true partnership in the management of the security file, while Balambeshrh demanded in the conduct of the constitutional amendments, warned that the survival of the political status quo will force them to take a political stance.

A statement released by the Iraqi List, Today, and received "Alsumaria News," a copy of it, he "can not be any political party exclusivity in the state administration, because that means plundering the rights of others and the marginalization of their role," warning "the continuation of the current political situation, which indicates clearly to the continued policy of procrastination and prolonging the wait to the stability of the country and devotes the frustration experienced by the citizens. "

The statement added that "Iraq stresses with the approaching departure of the occupation, to accelerate the achievement of national balance and true partnership in the management of the security file in order to bear all the responsibility of the post-occupation," and calling for a "speedy resolution of outstanding issues of the agreements to form a government because any further delay means more of the problems of political and popular frustration. "

And called for "naming ministers of security on the basis of agreements to form a government and taking into account the fact that leave these important ministries without naming its ministers is a shortcoming in the quest to create the security conditions appropriate feel of which the citizen confidence and stability," stressing "the need to initiate constitutional amendments that contribute to the creation of real political stability and get rid of the uncertainty surrounding the large section of the constitution. "

He also stressed the need to "work agreements that are made to the law of accountability, justice, and not to leave the jurisprudence in this context lead to further exclusion and marginalization, as happened recently in the Ministry of Education," returned this as a "is an abdication clear and explicit terms of the Erbil."

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research decided, early October now, the implementation procedures of the accountability and justice, the right of 140 professors and staff from the University of Tikrit, and dismissal from work, with the university president announced his resignation from his post in protest at the proceedings.

The statement noted that "the Iraqi Bearing these important issues on the table for serious dialogue in order to get out of the current political impasse, remember that the status quo as it is force them to take a political position which is dictated by the interest of the country and people."

And spin differences between the Iraqi List and a coalition of state law on some of the terms of the Erbil, including the issue of the President of the Council of strategic policies Supreme, as the argument remained standing in the naming of characters that will pouches security, which sees that the Iraqi minister of defense of its stake, while opposed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that and confirms that the post due to the component, not the Sunni Iraqi.

The head of Iraq's Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, in September 2010, an initiative on resolving the political crisis in Iraq include the formation of a committee of between eight and twelve representatives of the political blocs to start talks to form a new government and work to resolve outstanding differences, and the holding of meetings of the expanded leaders to resolve the issue of presidencies three.

The Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, had won the legislative elections that took place in March 2010 ahead of Maliki's list two seats, but it was a victory not from which you can form a government alone, and after a conflict between the two lists as long as several months to form a coalition with other forces succeeded Maliki and his partners combine to form a government after nine months of consultations with the other blocks of winning