Representative in Karbala, reference calls to announce the terms of the people in front of Arbil

Friday, April 27 / April 2012 13:44

[Karbala - where]
The representative of the reference in the province of Karbala Dinh net Ahmed to declare the terms of Erbil, the Iraqi people.
He said in a Friday prayer sermon, which was held in the courtyard Husseini cleanser was attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] the day that "some political parties say that the agreement Irbil have been achieved, others say otherwise, and we say what the Convention on Arbil," and did not publish the Convention on Arbil that brought the country from the crisis a few years ago, and under the trust and transparency agreement did not appear to Irbil public to see whether it is contrary to the Constitution or with him. "
He added that "the openness of people to agreements not where is in breach, but we distinguish carried out the Constitution and who fails him, and if the agreements, the constitutionality of what you dish them, and which hinder their application," and wondered about the "reason for secrecy in that Convention, which became accompanied by Undersecretary of charges between politicians?, "stressing that" Iraq now needs to gather all the efforts and any agreement will be welcome in it. "
The political blocs agreed within the initiative of President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani was named to the Convention on Arbil to form a government of national partnership and given the position of the Ministry of Interior to the National Alliance and the defense to the Iraqi List, in addition to the formation of the National Council of politicians high and that the share of the Iraqi List, but the implementation of all the terms of the agreement is still stumbling because of differences of political positions.
In the axis of his speech supported net "to give powers to the staff good", criticizing at the same time harnessing the efforts of the staff good favor is above them, as he said, "There are efforts by the grades the world and benefit from these efforts the higher grades, and hide the effort that the employee or the that because no party Okean, but just an employee successful by all standards. "
The representative of the reference in Karbala to "attention Balliaqat literary staff and good to deal with citizens auditors in government circles," pointing out that "the lack of attention to staff-born feeling among some of them he did not make his job or live up to his work and injury frustration and reflected on his behavior and his handling of the citizens." .
He continued, "Please pay attention to the incompetent staff, and fair-minded and develop their abilities, especially those who are making an effort and they know [the whales and snakes in the state institutions."
Also touched on the net in his sermon to the issue of respect for the teacher urged the family to educate their children in this regard.
He explained that "the father and mother to make efforts to educate their children to respect the teacher, especially since some teachers complain of poor students in some of the literature when the medium wants to hold him accountable."
The net into a "state of the prestige of the school and the teacher must remain, and must be on the families to take over the education of their children to respect the teacher and the Legislators and school, especially since some of our children need to encourage."
And that "there is no excuse for the father that away and his son out of school until families needy have to, not far her children out of school but have to face the living conditions of whatever they could for their children," he "should not be the case, the physical reason for the reluctance of the student's study."