Wednesday April 25, 2012
Commission state energy: we will achieve self-sufficiency in electricity end of the year

Confirm to the Committee on Energy at the Prime Minister that the electricity production will increase this summer by 50 percent from the summer of last year to believe in 9 thousand megawatts of the 13 alpha-needed, in hopes that the need for covering the end of the current world.

The Committee expects to contribute to the contracts signed by the Ministry of Electricity with foreign companies to build 20 lift station in electricity production to 20 thousand MW in late 2013, which allows Iraq to export electricity to neighboring countries. Said Faisal Abdullah, a spokesman Hussein Shahristani, the deputy prime minister for energy, "it is hoped to reach Iraq's production of electrical power early this summer to 9 thousand megawatts, an increase of 50 percent from last summer as a result of the entry units and power stations under construction to work this summer as promised us the executing companies. as well as energy imported from Iran. "and Abdullah that" the Ministry of Electricity and contracting with companies continuing to build a sophisticated power system able to withstand the increase of energy. " However, "but it takes time." He explained that "al-Shahristani, has received the Ministry of Electricity after the departure of former Minister Karim Wahid began signing contracts with major foreign companies to build giant power stations."

He pointed out that "the contracts were concluded in the past through intermediaries, but al-Shahristani, to root out this work through the expulsion of intermediaries and contracting directly with these companies through contracts department in the Ministry of Electricity, and then submitted to the Committee on Energy, the Council of Ministers finally". And the spokesman for al-Shahristani, "It is known that the construction companies sober for these stations needs of 18-24 months, and from 2010 to the present day has been signed about 20 contracts to build power stations in all governorates of the country." "The work is ongoing and there are field trips for more than once to the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and the Minister of Electricity. The last visit to the station, goods station and Hilla gas as well as to a station of Karbala, and stations Links monument. "and went on" during our tour we noticed the progress of the work, and our enemy that is inserted into plant good things electrical up to 250 MW, as well as station Karbala by 250 MW, and Hilla, 250 megawatts, too, as well as stations, fast-monument, which operates the oil-black will produce 250 megawatts at the beginning of the month of July, and then is inserted units gradually, to reach production capacity of these stations twenty-signed with the companies to 15 thousand MW, and becomes a production found with the current of our energy up to 20 thousand MW, it becomes our surplus in late 2013 as expectancy. " And the possibility of exporting electricity at a time when the country lacks it, Abdullah said that "Iraq needs electrical energy up to 13 000 MW, and energy access to it is hoped this summer is 9 thousand megawatts, and the end of 2012 to reach 13 000 MW." "The contracts signed will provide 15 000 MW, and with our existing production will reach to 20 thousand MW, and electricity can not be stored like oil, but has to be discharged, in the case of bridging the domestic requirement must be exported." And whether there were certain countries will be issued to it the surplus electricity, Abdullah said "probably exported to Syria, Lebanon and the countries adjacent to Iraq." I tried the oil ministry last summer to compensate for the shortfall in the production of electric power generators to provide the owners of the civil operator of a substance that kerosene generators. Promised a spokesman for al-Shahristani, the move as "a successful experiment." He revealed the "Request Hussein al-Shahristani, Chairman of the Committee on Energy Affairs in the Cabinet of the Ministries of Electricity and oil to report on this subject and would be studied well, and it is hoped to be provided with the owners of generators of civil material kerosene this summer. And will remain in place until the improvement of electric power."