Barzani demands an end to "war" between his party Facebook and Talabani's party

Ali Aldhargam - 26/04/2012 PM - 9:16 p.m. | Hits: 2

Student Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, Thursday, supporters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party faction and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by Jalal Talabani, President of the Republic to stop the "attacks" is legitimate with each other.

He wrote Barzani on his own in the social networking site world (Facebook) announced today that "Since the duration and under many names the people loyal to the democratic and the National Union attacks, verbal illegal on some of them," asserting that "these attacks are a breach of the agreement the strategic location between the two sides" .

He stressed Barzani that "such attacks rejoice enemies of the Kurds only," asking them "If you Democrats or national, rather than attacking each other, cementing the spirit of brotherhood, peace and Spread topics useful for consideration and study to be a platform to raise your level cultural heritage."

Barzani said that "no one wins and humiliating to speak curses and insults," adding, "Make your people the interest of your eyes, and this monument are serving your people and your parties and yourselves."

Noted that many of the pages of the social networking site world (Facebook) is since the names of supporters of the two main parties in the province of Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Democratic National Union, to launch attacks on each other in spite of the grandparents agreed strategic location between the two to work together in government and parliament Alchordstanyen for more than four years