Maliki solve the problem of the three islands between Iran and the UAE can be through dialogue .. And Iraq is ready to mediate

Ali Abdullah - 26/04/2012 PM - 8:44 p.m.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, that the problem of the three islands of Lesser and Greater and Abu Musa can not solve their problems only through dialogue between the UAE and Iran, declaring Iraq's readiness to play a mediating role.
Maliki said during a meeting with a group of journalists Kuwaiti Library on Thursday evening: that dialogue and meetings direct that could solve the problem of those islands, referring to: that the dialogue between the UAE and Iran over the islands will solve the problem, declaring: Iraq's willingness to play the role of mediation and the holding of any meeting in Baghdad.
He pointed out: it is seeking to end all the problems with Kuwait before the end of the period of his government, and went on to say: "Sntoa file problems between Iraq and Kuwait during the coming period, and I promise to terminate before the end of my tenure as prime minister."
to the delegation asked the journalist Kuwaiti Prime Minister of Iraq's accession to the GCC, the fact that Iraq's most important countries in the Gulf, stressing: that the issue of problems between Iraq and Kuwait has become the rule and ending the Iraq-Kuwait relations have evolved a lot.
this and arrived in Baghdad and a delegation comprising senior journalist (23) journalists from senior Kuwaiti journalists