Deputy U.S.: Implementation of Article 140, part of the solve Iraq's problems

10/22/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - News Twilight 's office announced the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Saturday, that U.S. Congressman Loretta Sanchez emphasized that the implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution guarantees to dissolve the Iraqi part of Iraq's problems. A statement issued by the Presidency of the Government of Kurdistan Region, received the "Twilight News" copy of it, that "a member of the U.S. Congress, Loretta Sanchez said during a meeting with foreign relations official for the Kurdistan Regional Government Falah Mustafa, on Friday, as support is always the implementation of Article 140 of the constitution because it can contribute to the solution part of problems. " The statement noted that Sanchez "I went back the political leadership in the province of Kurdistan led to the success and progress and the consolidation of peace in Iraq, adding that the right of all the ingredients to live in peace and security in Iraq." The statement said that "foreign relations official in the government of the province stressed that the implementation of Article 140 does not save the national rights for Kurds in Kirkuk, but all nationalities that coexist in it, "stressing that" our problems are not confined to in Article 140, but we want to feel all components and shades of Iraq reassurance of a true partnership in this country , and only under the rights of any nation at risk and return of dictatorship to seize power in Iraq. " The Iraqi constitution, a road map through the Article 140 to resolve the dispute over the disputed areas. and begin the first stages of the application of Article normalization of the situation there to before the application of policies, demographic change, and then conduct a census in preparation for the final stage a referendum on the fate of those areas to determine the dependence on the administrative territory of Kurdistan or Baghdad government of the Federal. and was scheduled to be completed by the implementation stages of the article at the end of 2007, but political and security problems experienced by Iraq in those years prevented it. mm Al