Warned Mr. Massoud Barzani President of Kurdistan Region, that time is running out in front of the Iraqi government to take a decision on the power-sharing deal to end the political crisis gripping the country.

The President of Kurdistan Region: that the failure to reach agreement could lead to political rebellion in Iraq, which may frustrate the hopes in the formation of a unified and stable a few months after the departure of U.S. forces.

President Barzani in a dialogue with the agency «Associated Press» was in his office Bmsif Saladin near Erbil: The patience of the opposition parties, the Iraqi Kurds in general is running out because of their marginalization in the government-controlled al-Maliki, adding that «the country is going through a political crisis is very serious ».

He called President Barzani to be the month of September is the next deadline to resolve the political crisis to urge Allchord, who participate in local elections, then, not to break away from Baghdad.

Relations between the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region tensions very long time ago, and entered those relations at a critical juncture following the steps taken by Baghdad, and was most recently the approval of the establishment of foreign oil companies prospecting for oil in the Kurdistan Region.

The head of the Kurdistan Region: It is trying to leaders of Iraq's political blocs who Ichahnon with each other to the negotiating table, and added: "We are in the process of consultation at the moment."

Barzani said that if not ended the deadlock before the local elections in September next, the Kurds will organize a referendum to decide whether they want to "live under a dictatorial regime" under the control of Baghdad or in an independent state. The refusal of the owners, media advisor, Ali al-Moussawi, Barzani's remarks, and the specter of the vote on independence for the Kurds of Iraq.