Twilight News / President Jalal Talabani and the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani during a meeting of the two Wednesday afternoon, in Arbil, the need to make the Iraqi Constitution and the Convention on Arbil, a basis for resolving the current Iraqi crisis.

A source familiar with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said the "Twilight News" earlier Wednesday that Talabani received in his residence city of Arbil, Barzani, head to discuss the political crisis experienced by the country.

He received a presidential statement "Twilight News" copy of the Talabani and Barzani discussed the "latest developments and changes in the political arena in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and ways to address the problems in general, and particularly a crisis that now exist between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region."

The statement added that "the views and observations of Talabani and Barzani were identical need to make the Constitution and previous agreements, especially the Convention on the basis of Arbil and a source to end the problems."

The two leaders discussed preparations for the meeting Alchordian national and meeting party leaders and the parties involved in the political process in Iraq out of this political crisis faced by the political process.

The statement noted that Talabani and Barzani also stressed the importance of holding these meetings in the near future so that the leaders of political blocs and the agreement on the draft national program accepted by everyone and resolve all the problems and obstacles and get Iraq out of this crisis.