Mr. Ammar wise: we will not allow that reference in seeking to undermine Iraq's holy places and invites to participate effectively in the national meeting

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Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq that Shiite religious valve Iraqi society, adding that the Supreme Council would not be allowed to be referenced within the range of arrows seeking Dene people of the Nile from shrines and national symbols.

The Cultural Forum held in library in Baghdad to "patience limits towards what are frequently targeted reference, describing those who targeted the offices of the religious references and its conventional forces obscurantism anonymous".

It also called on the other hand, the Iraqi list to reconsider the decision to freeze its participation in the National Assembly and its preparatory meetings, addressing them "If you have some concerns about the seriousness of this encounter is alleged to participate actively," defending the right to where and with whom, it was also considered to extend the work of the Board of Commissioners of the independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq prevented a responsible step to enter into constitutional vacuum in the absence of the electoral institution.

And on targeting religious reference between Mr. Ammar wiseThe religious reference key axis actuator for this people, recalling her role in keeping the blood of Iraqi and launch messages of love, harmony and peaceful coexistence between the components of the Iraqi people, stressing that the religious reference is a message of peace not only for Iraqis but for the Iraqis, Arabs, Muslims and the whole world ".

He wondered why the targeting of religious reference and source the best Iraqis, security agencies to shoulder their responsibilities to search for criminals and providing full protection of religious reference and its offices and its established and expanded its tentacles, stating that the Iraqi Street is looking to hear speech clearly security devices on target references in Najaf and audio bombing near the Office of Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Ishaq generous hospitality and Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Bashir Najafi and kiss Imam Sistani's Office (as long as the shady canopy).

He regretted that some security officials of trying to downplay the incident raises question marks considering targeting religious references that breaks the prestige security services rather than subjected to religious reference.

With regard to politicalMr. Ammar al-Hakim charged political scene with attitudes hardening and push the country towards statements critical junctures, called on political forces to recognize that its quarrel reflected negatively on the Iraqi citizen in safe and its services.

Mr. Hakim stated that the citizen was elected and the challenge of terrorism and came out to the polls and looking forward to the responsibility level officials react emotionally to their own national interest, stressing that political forces bears a heavy responsibility to restore the confidence of their street, stressing that national meeting and mission station the opportunity to melt the iceberg between political forces required for wehlhah chronic problems of successful national meeting not deflated content and not converted to meet the protocols.

And stressed that the National Assembly meeting essential discusses key issues, narrow-minded political forces should not sink national meeting a long list of claims and problems thus meeting without a little break, which makes the political landscape before the new setback.
And Mr. Ammar wise also stipulated in the national meeting and successful political will and sincere national intentions and altbani on confidence between the political parties to come up with a reassuring, suggesting that the results which reassured the street requires strong political concessions and deal with flexibility.

And invited the Iraqi list to reconsider its decision to freeze their participation in meetings and national meeting, urging the Iraqi list to participate effectively, adding that Iraqi list had some concerns about the seriousness of this national meeting to invite them and more to participate in the meeting not interrupted saying that Sistani will stand and defends all right where right.

And on the extension of the work of the OfficePrice Mr. Ammar wise to extend the work of the Board of Commissioners in the Electoral Commission by the Iraqi Council of representatives, saying the extension of UNHCR's work for three months full powers to prevent a responsible step from the constitutional vacuum in the absence of the electoral institution, wishing the Committee on behalf of the competent Council news new Commissioners for UNHCR to accelerate submission of candidates for the Board of Commissioners.

He stressed that the elections on schedule, indicating that the elections are on schedule and conduct requires follow-up by the Chamber of Deputies and the media and the Iraqi public opinion, arguing the elections issue affecting the future of Iraqis cannot be examined in the darkroom.

The victory for election dates is targeted to anyone as it is a victory for the democratic system and its legitimacy and its image before the world, warned that tampering with election dates under any justification, calling on the Iraqi people to be cautious of postponing the elections and stay loyal to the democratic system and respond to all attempts to delay.

In another subject throughMr. Ammar wise regretted for the governorates of Maysan and Dhi Qar, Muthanna and Qadisiyah list for most cities its lacking, stating that these counties are the most overriding system at his suffering and still after nine years of changing the system despite all the opportunities and possibilities, called on officials to lift the almharomet of these provinces.
Mr. Ammar wise to report the Ministry of planning for almharomet throughout Iraq and still get about 30% of people living with a low standard of living, indicating that the report recommended uniform legislation for social security and retirement and remuneration of workers.

He praised the Planning Department report as transparent calling rest ministries that follow in issuing such reports transparent gives a true Iraqi reality, transparent reports based on database will enable administrators to monitor budgets and programme development in perspective.

And on cancer Mr. wise to launch a national campaign to combat cancer, stating that reports indicate the presence of 160,000 living in Iraq, mostly children, adding to the costs of treating the disease and their families from this disease, msshhda the World Health Organization reports and environmental organizations, which affirms that Iraq is living an environment contaminated by explosive remnants of war, chemical and radioactive materials.

And expressed solidarity with the families of the injured and at the same time warned of the increasing number of injuries that did not face the disease a national campaign and with its binding legislation and customizations.

In the fight against administrative corruption and financialMr. Ammar al-Hakim that State-building requires the adoption of integrity and against corruption, noting that failure to combat corruption would prevent billions of oil further deprivation for the Iraqi people, referring to incidents of theft 6 billion dollars which undermined by the Ministry of finance.

And for the efforts of the Ministry of finance to address the biggest steal if and detection of counterfeit books, which was intended to steal so amount, indicating that something to complain about surprising is the arrival of Audacity to this level of blasphemy to the public money, wondering who was behind these thefts, showing surprise at the passage level unnoticed topic political and media while there are subjects of lesser importance takes considerable debate, calling for investigation into this incident and search for those responsible.

On the subject ofIncreased seismic activity He stressed that increased seismic activity in last period in zones on the West which saw three earthquakes and kiss the Sheik Saad requires the formation of a follow-up by the Government and a number of experts to study this phenomenon.

He noted that responsibility requires Federal Government intervention and not only local government, stating that the tremors and earthquakes sparked panic people went home wemmtlakathm a phenomenon not seen before from Iraq, adding that the South lacked the necessary procedures in dealing with thus diagnosis of disaster and reduce the damage alzelzlal.

FMr. Ammar al-Hakim that beard and launched between members of the security services, personal freedom and her throat contravention forensic position, calling on officials to allow their members to grow beards like the rest of the armies of the world allow beards, aggravating its affiliate at the same time that with the appearance of the members of the security forces, Hassan.

AsCalled Mr. Ammar wise students sufficient time for exams and reap academic year in order to attain the highest levels of success, stressing that no questions developers questions prohibitive take archives into account without focusing on the student's level of understanding.
He recalled Mr. Ammar wise world day for safety and health at work should be invested in professional safety and health requires an effective occupational health and safety, emphasizing the need for good investment economic wealth, stating that safety and health aims to create an environment that is safe for work without damaging reality workers and harmony with the conditions of the workers of the world blessed day workers.Finished