Maliki's avoidance of Erbil agreements will force blocs to withdraw confidence, says Iraqiya

25/04/2012 13:17

BAGHDAD, April 25 (AKnews) - Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's lack of commitment to implementing the Erbil agreements will force the political blocs to withdraw confidence from him, said Iraqiya List today.

Spokesman for the Accord Movement, which belongs to Iraqiya List, Hadi al-Zalmi said: "We demanded Maliki to apply the Erbil agreements and activate the national partnership, but the position of the State of Law Coalition shows its desire to keep the situation as it is.

"Iraqiya List has no problem in keeping Maliki in his post but he must apply the agreements concluded between the blocs."

The agreements proposed by Barzani ended a nine-month dispute over who should run the government following March 2010's elections. The deal, which was signed by all the major political party leaders in Erbil, reinstated Maliki for the second successive term.

Maliki's elections rival, Ayad Allawi, whose Iraqiya List won the elections, was promised a National Council for Strategic Policies in return for his concession over the PM post. The council was not formed and the PM's State of Law Coalition and Iraqiya began incriminating and accusing each other of violating the Erbil pact.

Iraqiya List led by former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi revealed last week that it began moves to get a "national consensus" to withdraw confidence from Maliki's government.

Iraqiya's talks about its attempts to withdraw confidence in agreement with parties in the National Coalition came in light of the latter's renewal of its confidence in Maliki two days ago.

Iraqiya List objects to Maliki's management of Iraq, saying that the PM took all of the power.

Maliki meanwhile said that the powers granted to him are constitutional and those who oppose this must change the constitution instead of blaming opponents.