Iraq Sadr movement: Kurds are acting like guests
Saturday, October 22, 2011 13:00 GMT

An Iraqi MP from Ahrar bloc affiliated to Sadrist Movement stated on Friday that Kurds are behaving like guests to get everything in no return. Kurds’ insistence to raise Kurdistan’s Flag in disputed regions does not meet the need of coexistence, he argued.

“It is regretful that Kurds are acting like guests by receiving money and privileges in Iraq while they insist on taking up Kurdistan region and raising Kurdistan’s Flag in disputed regions,” MP Jawad Al Hasnawi told Alsumarianews. “Kurds are acting as if these regions were independent from Iraq,” he added.
“Coexistence among different Iraqi components requires showing amiability towards each other as well as commitment to Iraq’s unity, strength and stability,” Hasnawi said. “The statements of some Kurdish offcials regarding Kurds’ right to fly their flags in disputed regions are improper,” he pointed up.

On October 12, Khanaqin District local governor Mohammed Mulla Hasan affirmed that Diyala Police Command issued an official letter on behalf of Central Government ordering to lower Kurdistan Flag at the tops of governmental buildings in the District. This demand was absolutely refused upon Khanaqin citizens’ wish, Hasan said. Lowering Kurdistan’s Flag could lead to the outbreak of a major popular revolution that would bring about dangerous complications in the district, Hasan concluded.