Challenges facing the National Alliance

25/04/2012 PM - 2:31 p.m. | Hits: 7

Muhammad peace

INA is a product of what was produced by the recent parliamentary elections in 2010 which showed a new balances may not differ from the balances that resulted from the change of the former regime, but this time moved away a little bit about ditching the sectarian and ethnic when contesting the elections, the political blocs that have returned and Takndguet nationalist and sectarian in order to get the gains of more is not intended to state-building and citizen service, but only to serve factional interests and personal, and the National Alliance was not immune to this disease is incurable, it has contributed agendas of State in building the National Alliance, the Shiite as well as the dimension of sectarian and religious, especially after obtaining the Iraqi List, the parliamentary majority and the wave Kurds in agreement with the Iraqi List, in case insisted the Iraqi National Alliance on the nomination of Mr. al-Maliki for a second, and on the principle that politics is not where the constants have abandoned the Kurds for their ally, the strategic goal of the Supreme Council of the Iraqi Islamic and ally sectarian objective list of Iraq to conduct behind the promises of a fictional like illusion made ​​them the same Mr. Nuri al-Maliki, and even the Iraqi List and signed in the same traps which was signed by the Kurds and recedes Ghubra the formation of the government, for political crises and conflicts and lack of fulfillment of obligations, which enter the country in the narrow tunnel and make the sticks are placed in the wheel construction and reconstruction, and the Iraqi National Alliance is facing a major challenge At this stage there have been political blocs, the Shia make up the alliance between the Kmachta dimension of sectarian and religious, which on the basis of a coalition between the method and style of al-Maliki in the country's leadership as prime minister and his attempt uniqueness opinion and the exclusion of others not only blocks competition, but the exclusion of blocks of the National Alliance itself.
that the tendon who hits it Maliki chord, a danger placebo, which threatens the funeral and the fear of cracking the unity of Shiism, which makes the opportunity favorable to the party opponent to jump on the majority and the re equation unjust that ruled Iraq more than thirty-five years and al-Maliki is trying to delude himself that the power of the Shiites strongly linked to the government and that it Unlike reality, the reality is that the power of Shiism is the power of Parliament and the service of the citizen and that's what missing from the political equation at the present time, and here you must specify the interest of the Shiites, Villa Is the interest of the bias the survival of Maliki in power after all the crises created by the country or helped to create? O Is the interest of the Shiites support the Maliki government is a corrupt government administratively and financially? Why did al-Maliki's common? Are reverse image of the ruling Islamic fair that does not take God to anybody as long as the government of the Imam of the pious Ali (peace be upon him) had contributed to al-Maliki to strengthen the bonds of the National Alliance and work with its members as a team and his main concern reverse a positive image of Governor of the Shiites and denied to follow the Ahl al-Bayt after certificate Commander of the Faithful (AS).
that the policy of al-Maliki in the state administration and in dealing with the coalition's policy not based on a strategic plan at a time that feels the threat and the seriousness of his position to maintain the seat of power screaming and Thalvah, at a time solve the crisis and recover and keep away the specter of the withdrawal of confidence from it and his beat everyone the wall and take decisions alone is known to take him making improvised without a plan and keep up to when that happens in a severe crisis with its partners in the political process to come back strongly to the National Alliance and requests support him and stand with him under the pretext of the existence of a conspiracy against the Shia and the seriousness of the loss of the project the Shiite Al-Maliki has become is a Shia in Iraq.
that the members of the National Alliance, be aware very well that the principles and goals that found for it the National Alliance, which is to be the center of decision bias, in consultation with the religious authority in Najaf Ashraf in making crucial decisions and not Tajir decisions as a cover for political conflicts do not represent bias and do not represent the coalition, making the National Alliance, a tool to serve the agenda and ambitions of personal and far from the core of its core mission.
that the Shiite Iraqi National Alliance that works to reduce the policy of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki made ​​the country's many crises have contributed to the stop wheel building and it emphasized the unity of the Coalition and its support for the government of national partnership and not of exclusion and marginalization and the need to strive for a national conference to find a way appropriate to the crises created by the failure of Maliki's commitment to its partners in government formation and activating the role of the alliance by forming a committee to follow up and treatment benefits of the national within the body of the alliance, and that there is complete separation between the work and the statements of the government as representing all Iraqis and between the work and the reactions of the National Alliance as a component of the Shiite.