Zobaie: The government is trying to connect to the Central Bank to take over frozen funds

Baghdad / Orr News

MP for the Iraqi List, Talal Zobaie there was no pressure in the previous days of the parliament by the government to link the Central Bank of the executive branch.

Zobaie said on Wednesday, told the (UR), the government exercised pressure on the parliament in order to connect the Central Bank of the executive power, "adding that" the government is trying in this mattermixing Warraq by linking independent bodies out, contrary to generally accepted as the subject of the parliament. "

The MP for the Iraqi List, said "The aim of these endeavors, the frozen funds out of Iraq because the government is seeking to acquire these funds through their quest to make the central bank associated with it exclusively," explaining that "the Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi visited Washington earlier to avoid it through an agreement with Washington on the continued freeze on the money. "