Leading role in "the law" calls for the Kurds to declare an independent state
22/10/2011 12:39

Leading role in "the law" calls for the Kurds to declare an independent state

Baghdad, October 22 (aka News) - A leader in the State of Law Coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Saturday, that the time has come for a nationalist demand of the Kurds to declare an independent state in view of the facts the current political and the state of inconsistencies apparent between the Government of the province and the federal government .

The deputy Izzat Shabandar told Kurdistan (aka News) that "no way for the stability of the relationship between the Governments of the Kurdistan region and the federal government in Baghdad, it's high time to announce the Kurds their right in a national independent state"

He continued that "the Iraqi constitution stipulates that the partnership nationalism in Iraq is a partnership of voluntary and not compulsory any sense that the choice to stay or secede at any time and the political experience of the past showed that the marriage between the political forces in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region but it is a temporary marriage."

The decision to fly the flag of Kurdistan in the north of the border crossing Mundhiriyah Khanaqin in Diyala has taken a political dimension after the issuance of a decision of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki serving Bonzalh immediately and keep the flag high.

Mundhiriyah crossing is located north of Khanaqin is an important route for trade between Iraq and Iran.

And calls for the Kurdistan Regional Government to inflict 12 regions disputed its authority to the most prominent of Kirkuk.

The crisis began to escalate aware of the Kurdistan region after the rejection of Khanaqin removed from government buildings at the request of the federal government justified its position on the existence of a political agreement reached after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, and decided to raise the flag at the border crossing last week.

A spokesman for the coalition a good supporter earlier in the day yesterday (Rn), "The demand Kurdistan flag lowered from areas where the increase since 2003 is a concern that was intended for non-application of Article 140 of the constitution."

He said well that "there are voices in the House of Representatives openly declares that Article 140 has become by virtue of Article dead and can not re-work them," adding that "it must be fly the flag of the Kurdistan region in any area of ​​Iraq does not raise any sensitivity to any political party ".

And enter Khanaqin and areas of Saadia and Jalawla within the disputed areas, and recently sent the Kurdistan Regional Government military reinforcements to the area to protect the Kurds who are exposed to insurgent attacks, she said, .. But the advent of the Kurdish forces, raised the ire of the Government Center.

The government asserted that the Iraqi political parties and foreign powers are trying to stir up differences between Baghdad and Erbil, to prevent the understandings reached on outstanding issues.

The Mayor of Khanaqin Mohammed Mulla Hassan, has said (Rn) earlier that "the police directorate in Diyala province, and sent a formal letter of request from al-Maliki to Khanaqin spend lowered the flag of Kurdistan from all government buildings in the judiciary and to maintain the Iraqi flag, which he only," he that he "refused to execute the request."

He called Shabandar politicians Kurds, the two main parties to proceed with the achievement of the Kurdish dream of saying that "most of the problems the strategy between Baghdad and Erbil is solvable and can not reach a solution satisfactory to both parties, particularly with regard to the distribution of wealth and power and exclusive joint in addition to the issue of Kirkuk and disputed areas, so I call on Kurdish leaders to declare independent state and the national dream of the long-standing. "

He continued by saying, "so they can be suggested that the subject of the disputed areas under the tutelage of Amiyh is formed committees to discuss the international mechanism to solve the problem of disputed areas in accordance with international standards adopted in the resolution of conflicts between the two states.

The Kurdish coalition forces have threatened to reconsider Pthalvath political if it maintains a coalition of state for Acanon led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the lack of political partnership, which approved the Convention on Arbil, which led the formation of the current government, is that a delegation Kurdish politician visited Baghdad and met with Maliki and announced that the agreement to resolve most outstanding issues between the Governments of the region and the Union.

The focus of the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil on oil and gas law, which regulates the management and development and investment of oil wealth as well as exclusive authorities and joint received in the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq to the 2005 addition of Article 140 of the constitution for the normalization of the situation in the disputed areas, especially in the city of Kirkuk as well as contracts and concluded by the oil licensing Arbil with some foreign oil companies, which announced its rejection of the Baghdad government and openly questioned the legality of the absence of oil and gas law and other outstanding issues.