Iraq: the announcement of a new political bloc
22/10/2011 15:32

Baghdad, October 22 / October (Rn) - The three parties and independent figures, Saturday, for a new political bloc called the "Democratic Movement" will take part in the political process in Iraq.

The current consists of the new National Democratic Party and the NDP the first, which was founded after 2003 and the Iraqi Communist Party and a number of academic figures, intellectuals and businessmen.

A member of the current Shakurji Zia told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the powers exercised by the political process does not work on the foundations of democracy."

Shakurji explained that "the common denominator between the parties and figures in this movement is democracy and secularism," pointing out that "the rest of the political blocs to take the cover of religion for political trading."

In turn, said a member of the Algerian Current useful (Rn) that "there is a cold war between the major political blocs and conflicts on the main centers in the state," explaining that the "Democratic Movement will help to remove these tensions and debates that do not serve the country."

The Committee stressed the coordination of the stream that the new "coordinating committees of the democratic movement in the whole of Iraq began to work on educating the masses to have great resonance in the political process and elections coming next."