Awadi: Maliki can not fight any battle without reference to Parliament

24.04.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD - Integrity E - Mohamed Messaoudi A member of the National Alliance, Awad al-Awadi, the inability of the Prime Minister declaring war or battle on any area in Iraq, but by the House of Representatives, said recursive told the "integrity of electronic, on Tuesday," There are powers to the prime minister installed in the Constitution and has a top on the legislative, executive and judiciary, noting that Maliki can not fight any battle or other matter outside his authority without returning to the House of Representatives, or even to the cabinet because he could not take positions alone according to the Constitution. "and added that the objection Kurds to buy the F- 16 are based either on the basis of mood or unfounded, noting that the House focuses on building the security establishment professionally serve and protect Iraq and is done by modern weapons ".

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