In the Council of Ministers meeting .. prevents the Secretariat of the Council after issue decrees or directives or decisions outside the Council Directives

On: Tuesday 04/24/2012 16:02

Baghdad (news) .. Entrusted the Council of Ministers General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to exercise many of the missions in addition to its functions normal.
A statement from the Office of Government Spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh has received the Agency (news) copy of it: The Council of Ministers during its meeting held on Tuesday: entrusted many of the tasks which coordinate government policies and programs among the various state ministries and institutions and follow-up plans and programs of the ministries and departments not related to the Ministry and report thereon to the Prime Minister and Cabinet and stimulate ministries and departments not related to the Ministry's commitment to good implementation and application of laws and legislations in force in the public interest and consistent with government programs and priorities and ensure effective government performance.
statement added that one of the tasks also refer the contentious issues between the ministries and departments not related to the Ministry and the provinces before it to the committees sectoral ministerial or cabinet according to their nature and communication of decisions and directives of the Council of Ministers or the President to the concerned authorities and follow up the implementation and forwarded to the Council of Ministers at the lack of commitment or implementation and take the necessary measures for the purpose of nominations for appointment to positions which require the submission to the Council of Ministers, study and display and to express an opinion on draft laws and other topics sent from state institutions to the Cabinet.
statement noted that the Council of Ministers authorized the same to take the appropriate actions and answer the communications of the country's ministries and institutions on all issues that require the approval of the Supreme as a reference for those institutions and the interpretation of the decisions of the Council of Ministers or the President and the exercise of any other functions determined by the Council of Ministers or the President and the unity of the letters issued by the Secretariat to the ministries and agencies and is determined by communications of ministries and agencies to the Secretariat of topics that require presentation to the Council of Ministers and the sectoral committees.
revealed Office Dabbagh confirm the Council of Ministers after the release of the Secretariat of resolutions or directives outside the decisions or directives of the Council of Ministers.
The statement said: The Council approved the recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs on the Ministry of Trade to buy (8.700) tons of red lentils amount of $ (8.760.000) dollars from the allocations of the Ministry for the ration card items for distribution to the citizens in the next month of Ramadan.
and the statement that the Council of Ministers approved an exception to the contract between the Ministry of Transport and Company (THYSSEN KRUPP) German on the purchase of (30) tons an iron rail rate of $ (1191) dollars per ton of instructions and implementation of government contracts (1) of 2008 amended on the German company to notify the Iraqi side in the event of a reason beyond the control of the parties and cause delays in the implementation of the obligations of the second party without specifying the duration of this notice and that the upper limit of fines Altojerip (5%) instead of (10%) of the amount of the contract.
The statement noted: Assigning the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Commerce to review all commercial agencies on compliance with conditions required in accordance with Iraqi law and guide the ministries to compel foreign companies manufactured or supplied dispensing to deal with regional agencies and replaced by commercial agencies for the national Iraqi companies registered in Iraq in accordance with Iraqi law. / Finished / d. N /