BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / MP ... for the Iraqi List, "Mohammed Karbouli" for the presence of four of its mass today for the meeting of the Preparatory Committee

.Karbouli said L / Baghdadiya News /: as a first step for the success of the National Congress must preparatory meeting today to produce real fruit in preparation for the big conference called by President Jalal Talabani.
Karbouli denied the rumors about the Iraqi List, not to attend the preparatory meeting, calling it "the media to speak," he said, will attend a committee representing the Iraqi List, composed of four members and is a competent Baltvaaudhat on behalf of the mass and stakeholder to issue decisions.
He Karbouli: that the proposals to be submitted by the menu at the meeting
And received responses from all the blocks are the "Convention on the Erbil" by which the current government was formed Daha, noting that there are disabled in the implementation of some elements, such as resolving security files and the Council of Alstratejh policies in addition to other items.
He Karbouli: that failure to attend the Iraqi leader "Iyad Allawi," because of the repeated postponement of the National Congress and delay in the contract which led to the fragility of the situation that will come out by the final meeting, he said, adding, that Allawi his age political knows what will turn this meeting and will be produced by other meetings.
He Karbouli: that all the blocks you know what will result from the national meeting, expressing his belief that the lack of commitment to the Convention on the blocks of Arbil may lead to the collapse of the political process, and thus leads to solve a real disaster in Iraq.