Meeting with Barzani, the Kurdish parties announce support Talabani's efforts to ameliorate the present situation so as not to be forced to look for other options
Monday, April 23 / April 2012 22:28

[Baghdad - where]
Announced an important meeting held by President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani on Monday with 13 Kurdish political parties to support the efforts of President Jalal Talabani in a meeting of leaders of political forces to participate in the political process in Iraq to rectify the present situation of Iraq, so as not to be forced to look for other options.

The communiqué announced at the end of the meeting received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it tonight: "After his return from his visit to the United States and Arurba and Turkey, met President Masoud Barzani of the Kurdistan region on Monday with the parties and the political parties of Kurdistan, and during the Find the meeting in two axes
The author said the meeting discussed in the first axis the visit of President of Kurdistan to the United States, Europe and Turkey and his meeting with President Obama and Vice President and Secretary of State, and value the position of U.S. President and his deputy, supportive and Chdadahma to protect the democratic process in Iraq as part of a permanent constitution and their commitment to the promises they made ​​of the Kurds and Kurdistan.

He said the author, saying: "The Meeting also expressed concern about the violation of the Constitution and considered the beginning of a big problem in front of the Damcrdoh aspects of life in the new Iraq and progress in Kurdistan, as the meeting stressed the need to continue the democratic process and install the federal system and the principle of partnership and agreement on the principle of governance as a basis the President in the process of the government in Iraq after the fall of the dictatorship, and that violation of these principles is not being accepted at all and that this problem is not related to Kurdistan alone, only, but the problem of all Iraqis of all nationalities, religions and sects, and to resolve this crisis, it became essential that insist on the application of the Constitution and the Convention on Irbil.

According to the author that the second theme of the meeting included "discuss the situation of the crisis and the complications suffered by Iraq, which brought the political process and democracy to the end of the closed, as the meeting stressed the following points below:
Importance of standardizing the position of the people of Kurdistan and the political parties and to consider the permanent Iraqi constitution is the protector of the unity of the federal parts of Iraq.

Appreciate everyone's efforts aimed at resolving the high complexity of crises and, expressing his support for the efforts of His Excellency the President of the Federal Republic of Iraq in order to speed up in a meeting of leaders of political forces to participate in the political process in Iraq.
The meeting considered the task steps to correct the current situation of Iraq, so as not to be forced to look for other options, because the continuation of the current crisis situation is not the subject of acceptance.

The meeting stressed the implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution and solve the problems of oil and gas and the Peshmerga.
Finally decided to continue these meetings.The author names of parties and organizations participating in the meeting as follows:
1 - the Kurdistan Democratic Party
2 - the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)
3 - Communist Party of Kurdistan (PUK
4 - Social Democratic Party of Kurdistan (PUK)
5 - Kurdistan Islamic Union
6 - Islamic Group of Kurdistan
7 - Kurdistan Toilers Party
8 - Turkmen Democratic Movement
9 - the Islamic Movement of Kurdistan
10 - the reform movement of Kurdish
11 - Assyrian Democratic Movement
12 - a list of Erbil Turkmen
13 - Council entry into force of the people of Assyria Chaldean / End