Production for the first meal of the white elite

8/30/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning , the
General Company of the Extractive Industries announced the first production of the meal of a substance white elite within the contract to participate with the United Arab Emirates Rarrzn Italian company.

The director of the Information Center and Public Relations at the Ministry of Industry Abdul Wahid Alwan Hamoud said in a statement «morning» received a copy of it: that the company produced meal The first trial of the said article and the amount of 75 tons has been exported approximately (19,200) tons of them out of Iraq.

He noted that this article chemical carbohydrate with a basis of oil produced from a range of industrial processes and the separation and filtration of material oil white kerosene , one of the diluted material and solvent for all kinds of oily substance paints detergent in laboratories and chemical needed by all public and private dyes coefficient.

on the other hand Shammari said that the company 's sales during the month of August of this year exceeded 76 million dinars and that the production of felt asphalt polymer quantity of 2,400 square meters and coatings asphalt quantity 6084 tons of concrete additives and the amount of 19 cubic meters and brines amount of 150 cubic meters of crude salt amount in excess of (2419) tons.