Barzani: Exxon Mobil, one-tenth difference if the military came to the area will not be exiting

23/04/2012 PM - 12:50 PM

The head of Iraq's Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Monday, that Exxon Mobil will not give up its contract with the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and that the company was considered equivalent to the American giant in terms of importance "Ten military teams," noting that if it came to the area "will not exiting easily."

Massoud Barzani, said in a press statement, said that "Exxon Mobil told me during my visit to the United States commitment to the contract signed with the Kurdistan region," noting that "the company expressed its desire to remain in southern Iraq, in spite of its adherence to the contract signed with the region."

He said Barzani that "Exxon important and one-tenth military teams, if you came to the region would defend them as owns interests in contrast to the military presence," but he also said "may be there are ten military divisions, but it could pull a cable one and are present in the evening and in the morning will not find them impact ".

The Iraqi Oil Ministry on excluded (April 19, 2012), Exxon Mobil of the fourth round to invest in oil and gas fields, having qualified 47 companies to compete for global oil in the round.

The exclusion of the company's U.S. licensing round, the fourth as one of the consequences of oil deal signed between the Iraqi Kurdistan in the fall of 2011 to invest six oil fields there, which was rejected by Baghdad and considered it illegal, and the effect that Geert company between working with Baghdad, or to proceed with the contract with the region, then returned the Iraqi government and announced the beginning of this April, that Exxon Mobil has confirmed it has decided to freeze its contract with the region which was denied the presidency of the Kurdistan region of Iraq asserted that the company move its agreement with the U.S..

It is noteworthy that the Oil Ministry had warned Exxon Mobil earlier termination of contract by three letters signed by them in earlier to develop the West Qurna field in Basra, in the event of its adherence to contracts Kurdistan.