Oil Announces high rate of oil exports for last month

2016/8/24 16:55

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} oil Ministry said about the high rate of oil exports last month, according to final official statistics issued by the Iraqi oil marketing company {Sumo}.

He said the Ministry's spokesman Assem Jihad in a statement copy {Euphrates news} today that "total quantities exported for last month from Central and southern fields rose compared to last June, reaching {99} and {300} barrels {ninety nine million three hundred thousand barrels}, and total revenue reached {3}-{802} million {three billion eight hundred and two million dollars}, not issued from the North Port {pipeline} via the Iraqi oil marketing company {Sumo} Because of the lack of commitment of the territory to the oil agreement with the Federal Government. "
Jihad noted that the average price per barrel reached {38,288} ".

"The quantities exported uploaded by {34} a global company of different nationalities from the ports of Basra and Khor Al Amaya and unilateral buoys on the Arabian Gulf."

He noted that "the Ministry through her faith to inform people on export operations and revenue it made this procedure monthly".