Allawi: Iran has entered strongly into Iraq
03:20:21 / 04/2012
Iyad Allawi - General

Khandan - Description of the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi Iran as the biggest beneficiary of the U.S. withdrawal and said strongly that it has entered into Iraq. He pointed out that Tehran has benefited from the weakness experienced by Iraq after the occupation, and the isolation of Egypt on its internal problems and the crisis in the promotion of Syrian influence in the region.

He accused Allawi told Al-Jazeera within the program of the meeting today and for the island, Iran of seeking to assassinate him. He said he had received warnings from the captain of important Arab country and the leaders of three Arab countries in addition to Iraqi politicians prominent in periods close to indicate that there are plans to target, accusing Iran of being behind these schemes, and accused the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's indifference towards these threats.

He questioned the Iraqi political figure in the direction towards the Arabs al-Maliki after a summit hosted by the Iraq Baghdad recently, refusing to hold the summit as another victory for the owners and the list of coalition rule of law.

He said that the Iraqi List, "that is sought - and still is - for the return of Iraq to foster the Arab and the Arab summit were blessed and supported Iraq because they are not top-Maliki and the top of Allawi and Jalal Talabani, but the top of Iraq and his return to the brothers of the Arabs."

"We hope - even if I have a doubt in this topic - to establish the Iraqi regime to the summit and back bridges positively with all Arab countries without insult or tension or attempts to challenge the positions of these countries."

Allawi spoke on the status of the leaders of the Iraqi List, who said they hunted "and some of them and I'm headed is threatened with death any moment." And by Allawi hoped to lead the meetings Erbil called for by President Jalal Talabani and the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, a solution to the crisis in the country, pointing out that "in case of failure of these meetings, the solution is the opinion of Iraq is to try with the Kurdistan Alliance to replace al-Maliki by another person of National Alliance as a failed application of the agreement signed by the Erbil with me and Massoud Barzani. "

Allawi commented on the statements which indicated that al-Maliki will not attend the upcoming summit in Erbil, saying "the presence of Prime Minister in the meeting is important and if they care about the interests of Iraq will be attended, and the boycott of and indifference to other political entities, it reflects the credibility of this trend."

He accused the head of the Iraqi al-Maliki that he has not been a thing of the Convention on the Erbil and said, "Maliki did not apply the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers does not subject the mop and start to form a committee in the House of Representatives to repeal it gradually over 6 months, the security file is still full, however, the Prime Minister, did not apply the national partnership in appointments and view appointments, including military commanders on the Council of Ministers. "

He talked about the existence of positions within the National Alliance, who leads the Iraqi government and from within the same coalition of state law singling out al-Maliki refused to criticize the decision and the way his administration of affairs in Iraq, pointing in particular to the criticism leveled by Adel Abdul Mahdi and Muqtada al-Sadr.

And personal nominee to replace Maliki Allawi was considered that this right National Alliance, which has many characters are able to head the government.

Allawi spoke about the continuing politicization of the judiciary in the al-Maliki, who said he issued contradictory decisions during and after the recent elections, and he interpreted the Constitution in favor of Maliki's list.

He also spoke about the "repressive measures, silence on secret prisons and the absence of people and arrest them and not to allow lawyers to visit them and the non-implementation of court decisions to release prisoners, and finally an asylum court to TV charges for Iraqi politicians especially Tareq al-Hashemi, who issued charges against him on television and when we asked the judiciary handed over did not find anything on the ground. "

On the situation in Syria, Allawi was considered that there is "a system does not deal positively with the Syrian people." "What is happening in Syria that there is the will of the people must be respected and the blood should be stopped and the shift toward real reform and build Syria depends on all components without exception or distinction, and without it will continue to tensions in Syria and will move to Lebanon and Iraq and other countries, for this to Arab League to resolve quickly and on the Syrian regime to listen openly to this situation does not continue to be in the description of events as terrorists. "

Allawi refused to consider that U.S. policy in a period, especially after the demise of America out of Iraq and the lack of seriousness in the intervention in Syria.

He said "there is no decline in American politics, but isolation is caused by the lack of clarity in the direction the U.S., the issue of Afghanistan until now there is talk about the face of terrorism, extremism and there is chaos to go the U.S., and if we take Iraq as a model after the American occupation there was a confusion is evident in U.S. policy."

He said that America is preoccupied with its problems and the elections and the global economy of more concern to Syria and Iraq, "We do not know how long this matter, and we have to guide the U.S. policy because the friendship is important."
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