Calls for the advancement of the banking sector the adoption of advanced systems

04/21/2012 0:00

Because it is the most important joints of the economic development
BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb Tamimi adopt the idea of promoting the banking sector and bringing it to the world in the type and form of services provided to the public beneficiaries of the traders and industrialists, investment operations in various economic fields, that will contribute to a large extent at the beginning of development sought by everyone. experts in the field of money and reconstruction confirmed the need to examine the banking reality accurately, especially in the legislative side and stand at the determinants of advancement in this joint is important, and work to put the necessary treatment and rapid and commensurate with the next phase. and among experts that Iraq and after the Arab summit has become the top of the pyramid Arab economic, and the decisions of the summit came in one of the bases attention to the Arab financial, especially after I did the idea of issuing a unified Arab currency.
financial expert economic Nazim Ugaili confirmed that the next stage requires attention to the financial sector and banking and public sectors, through the gate of the transfer of technology evolving global and adopted in all our banks, and stressed the need to issue instructions from the relevant authorities regard the adoption of advanced systems, despite the fact that most private sector banks adopted a clearing system E which contributes effectively to the speed of banking transactions, and providing banking services Links to the public beneficiaries on their differences.

He added that the country Today is leading the Arab economy is headed economic conference next and this increases the responsibility on everyone to take an active role to promote the local economy which is one of the main staff, develop and reality of the work of private banks, especially the masses of the global economic adopted the private banks, especially the blocks of the global economic adopted the private banks in the financing and development joints of the economy to have a rapid completion of banking services through a network of advanced banking services are provided in most countries of the world and using the best technologies. pointing out that Iraq is in dire need to take advantage of these global experiences and transfer to the country as soon as, in particular that international banks have a great desire to develop their relationship Banking with Iraq, because they realize that the presence in the vicinity of the field of employment Iraqi mean significant benefits and long-term, as the labor market and a promising awaits Iraq in all economic sectors, without exception, and the need for it to advanced banking services. The Director General of Industrial Bank Mohamed Abdel-Wahab said in (morning): We are working to adopt a new phase in the currency lending to industrial projects in cooperation with the Federation of Iraqi Industries, pointing out that the bank is aware of the stage through which Iraq during the current period and the importance of building a strong economy supports his position at the head of the forces of the Arab Economic, noting that the issuance of Arab economic currency requires strong economic rebound in all sectors. He noted that the bank now has a sophisticated banking systems, banking is adopted in the coming period.He pointed to the importance of working on a policy designed to get rid of the Chapter VII, its impact on the movement of financial Altaalmlat with the countries of the world and its banks, and its impact on the local economy in general. He stressed that the unified Arab currency raised the idea decades ago to facilitate and contribute to the reality of business dealings between the countries of the Arab region, and activate the Arab economies in the Arab world that the site on the world map gives great importance to the commercial arena between Western and Eastern world. He also stressed the need for balance in the banking Arab implemented through Antvaqat uniform between countries in the region
Abdul Wahab returned to say that the process of lending to industrial projects will be through the gate of the Federation of Iraqi Industries which will be submitted nominations of projects Industrial taught by committees of the bank and then follow the mechanisms of exchange of new and which I take the complexities of many. He also stressed that the bank had started qualifies competencies young and brought into the training courses, most recently was a continuous sessions for the purpose of implementation of documentary letters of credit. Thus, we are Connected to coexist with an advanced stage in the banking business.