K A confirms seeking to rescue the political process by renewing a partnership government.
20/04/2012 10:14:00

Baghdad / NINA /--Spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance coalition MP, Moayad Tayib said : ď The KA is with the "Renewal of the government of national partnership to resolve all political differences and save the political process from collapse. which is the best available option at the moment.

He said in a statement to NINA : "The issue of forming alliances gathering the KA and osome other political parties which is recently published and reitreated by some milieus is unfouded .and not on the table of discussion now."

Itís noteworthy to mention in this context that a TV satilite Channel attributed to Iyad Allawi the head of Iraqiya Slate coalition that his his coalition , the KA , the Ahrar bloc of Sadrist and the Supreme Islamic Council are heading to form a political coalition to withdraw confidence from the government of Maliki.