The people of Baghdad: the government has failed to keep us from terrorism and from the dust
Ahmed Saadi / Shatt al-Arab - 20/04/2012 m - 4:25 PM | Hits: 79

Across a number of Baghdad residents expressed dissatisfaction with the government's failure to preserve their lives from terrorist attacks and of the dust storms that swept through Baghdad yesterday.
In the meantime, said one resident, Samir Ahmed, "27" years, said the government could not maintain the souls of the people not from the terrorist attacks nor of dust storms, which led to bottlenecks many, adding that it proves that the people for the government is not important it does not matter if choked with dirt or killed from the blasts.
For its part, showed the media an important Khaled, "33" years that instead of exchange large amounts of money to build palaces Obdla officials from the funds of the summit was possible to provide a green belt of the country to preserve the integrity of the individuals of bottlenecks or providing explosive devices, or check into it.
Through the citizen "Abu Hassan", "45" years and is retired from his anger at the government's performance bad as he said "the government failed to provide all Hiye not safe no electricity, no services were unable to provide fresh air Like the remaining states."
For his part, said of Ali Saedi, "48" to the need to have a green belt of dust storms and a red belt for terrorist explosions, adding that the government pay attention to the citizen first of all, instead of fighting for power.
Saadi said that Baghdad witnessed yesterday to storm a terrorist killed several citizens, accompanied by dust storm choked several others, but it proves that the target citizen of everything and no one is protected.
The Iraqi Interior Ministry has confirmed on Thursday the occurrence of 14 suicide car bombs and explosive belts mostly targeting security forces across Iraq, while pointed out that 55 people, including 14 visiting Iranian fallen from her puppies, considered the bombings a message from the "terrorist gangs" as what still alive.
For its part, the Ministry of Health revealed the arrival of 350 citizens to hospitals were exposed to cases of asphyxia due to dust storm that swept the capital since Thursday morning.