Corps sincere promise to accelerate the agreement calls for the blocs to name security ministers, otherwise they will pay the price for failure in the upcoming elections

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Brother Baghdad
Asked the Secretary General's Corps sincere promise Abdul-Jabbar, net of the political blocs to accelerate agreement on the naming security minister, warning it of "failing to pay the price in the next election.
He condemned the net in a statement received news agency news (et) a copy of "criminal bombings of Baghdad, which affected many of the cities of Iraq, leaving dozens dead and wounded hundreds of innocent civilians.

And the statement "I have warned us ten days ago in the euphoria of the relative success produced by the Arab Summit; that the security forces are infiltrated by Baathists and the enemies of the political process .. and let's at a news conference those responsible to work hard to clean the machines and the forces of the elements shabby .. to prevent the may not be bad consequences.
He called on "the unity of the factions of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq under the title of government support in the fight against terrorism and purge the security forces of the elements that have proven their cooperation direct or indirect contact with the enemies of Iraq. Urged" to call on politicians to forget their differences (forced non Mjerin) and sit down to the logic of national interest and wisdom and reason and dialogue leading to tangible results safeguard the homeland and the citizen in his blood, his wealth and living. He stressed that "security forces to demand more than ever before to reconsider its plans to change its strategy and field so that it can cope with terrorism and criminal schemes and machinations behind the border.
The secretary-general: that no offense pass without punishment, so the government is invited to open an urgent investigation in the causes that led to these violations and to hold those involved and for negligence and bring them to justice to be punished just a victory for the blood of the victims and fair to their families.