I advise you not to close

19/04/2012 PM - 3:13 p.m. | Hits: 8

Haider Abbas Naddawi

Try Mr. Maliki in the years that assumption by the leadership of the country and the people all the recipes and dog bites and tips to drive a wedge problems and create a state of rebellion between him and all that is true and logical in order to link to a state of intoxication in the uniqueness of the country's leadership and to subject everyone to the influence of his crumbling. "
The last thing proficiency by the talent of Mr. Maliki and consult of his associates is insulting to serve the religious holy sites in Najaf, in a blatant show on the status of my reaction to emotional hysteria of those cases dealt with by thugs and chaotic because of not receiving the religious leaders to Mr. Maliki, during his recent visit to Najaf al-Ashraf. "
and was on the Maliki to read the message quietly and handles wisely correct errors instead of declaring war and burn out is before others or before they reach Cherrha to others because they are more dangerous and more Tjibra on earth could not they get from the religious authority throughout the ages. "
The most important thing of all that can be said is that it is not for the religious authority in Najaf and all that endured from the misfortunes and the concerns and encroachment by the anti-and pro When he arrived al-Maliki and his list to grace luxury and ascend the leadership in government. "
Maliki must not go too far in the measurement of force endurance and capacity of the chest and not to compare the religious authority of what is happening on the political scene of quarrels between him and his opponents virtual insanity of every human being jealous is supposed to be his mission in the service of his people does not create problems and sustainability, and he has to know that the sword of reference decisive and crushing has Forewarned is forearmed . "
In short, the religious authority in Najaf is not the Iraqi List, or the Kurdistan Alliance, or the Electoral Commission for elections or the Central Bank or the Supreme Judicial Council, even want to try your luck with them with appreciation and respect for all these names, that the religious authority is a matter of life or death For us as a people addicted to reverence for scientists and Review Unfortunately, that attempt to test the waters and trying to muzzle the mouths and the subsequent declaration of obedience and loyalty were not able to play poorly, Mr. Maliki said the extras where the Beginner. "