MP for the mass of citizens Ugaili Aziz: Central Bank of a red line for all governments

19/04/2012 PM - 4:46 PM | Hits: 1

MP warned on the mass of the citizens of the parliamentary Aziz Ugaili subject the central bank to control the government and the promise of a red line can not be any government Tjozh.

And the MP said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News} "The Central Bank delicate task as they relate to the future of the country's financial and economic because it maintains the currency and purchasing power on the one hand, and he can save Iraq in case of emergency the other hand, such as the potential closure of Iran's Strait of Hormuz" .

And pointed out that "the budget of the central bank can not take advantage of them on the basis of loans by the government because this is the consequences of future consequences".

The MP that "the central bank if linked to the government there will be interventions by certain entities controlled by the splitting of independence from it and the selection of staff of the party and the marginalization of another party in addition to creditors will be able to reserve funds Iraq, wherever you are and this can not be allowed at all of by the national forces of interest to them the interest of Iraq. "

The Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had submitted earlier request to the House of Representatives to make the central bank under the supervision of the government to direct a major controversy erupted in parliament