Accord calls to stop "the official incitement" against the leadership and assume responsibility for protecting government offices

19/04/2012 PM - 2:41 p.m. | Hits: 2


Demanded that the National Accord Movement, led by Iyad Allawi, on Thursday, to stop being "the official incitement" against their leaders and confirmed attacks on his headquarters comes in conjunction with this incitement and declining security situation and increased political tension in the country.

He said Hamas spokesman Hadi Zalmi in a statement today, she received a "Sumerian News" "The Movement condemns the armed attack in which he was the movement's headquarters in the province of Babylon," noting that "this attack is targeted to the forces of the national project and the civil state."

He Zalmi that "the escalation of targeting the movement of reconciliation coincides with the decline in the security situation and increased political tension in the country and the escalation of arrests against members of the group and its audience."

He held a spokesman for the movement of reconciliation "government and its security responsibility to protect the headquarters of the movement and its offices and its members and to ensure the safety of the practice of political pluralism," and urged to "refrain from inciting convincing against the official leadership of the movement of the platforms are no longer hidden loyalties."

Zalmi said that "the movement, but will not bend to the will of the Iraqi people in establishing a true democracy and its values ​​of freedom, justice and equality, and access to the state of the National Civil."

He was targeted by unidentified Wednesday April 18, 2012 the headquarters of the movement of the center of the city of Hilla accord with a hand grenade which resulted in damage to the headquarters of the material without causing casualties.