Oil ends week, up 2 percent

Oil rose by 2 percent, upping the biggest weekly gains since last April, drawing down the dollar and Saudi Arabia 's comments on possible measures to stabilize the market.

And recorded US oil futures to $ 44.49 a barrel at high settlement dollars or the equivalent of 2.30 percent.

Recorded Brent crude contracts for an increase of 93 cents, the price per barrel to settle at $ 46.97.

And benefited from the oil price decline in the dollar , which affected an alarming statements on retail sales in the United States.

Crude prices also benefited from the statements of the Saudi energy minister Khaled al - Faleh that oil producers will discuss possible action to bring stability to the market at a scheduled meeting in Algeria next month.

Oil producers seek to reach an agreement on capping the production of crude, in order to strengthen prices , which badly damaged by the oversupply of
oil stocks