High Nassif warns of Kuwait seeking to make Iraq forced to Scott for Port Mubarak to take it out of Chapter VII

2012-04-19 11:25:07

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Warned the Iraqi bloc MP for free high Nassif Kuwait is seeking to make Iraq forced to Scott for Port against Mubarak out of Chapter VII.

Said Nassif told him the Information Office of the mass of the day: The issue of item VII, which was punished by the Iraqi people for years without guilt but is an old issue and the right of Iraq that the sanctions are lifted him unconditionally because of the demise of etiology and the end of the previous regime, while the the issue of port Mubarak represents a new aggression by Kuwait against the Iraqi people not related to the issue of compensation and record the remains of the dead and Amiri and others.

She added, can not be of Kuwait linkage between these two cases and no right for her to seek to make Iraq comply silent on the issue of port Mubarak for taking him out of Chapter VII, due to the fact that we went out of Chapter VII is a natural right, in accordance with international law and not the preferred or from Kuwait to us.

She went to the Ministerial Committee on resolving outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait, which will report mid month, to reject any attempt to coerce Iraq to Kuwait by linking the issue of port Mubarak Chapter VII and the old differences.