Iraq calls for majority government .. And national levels: it is not feasible

On: Wednesday 04/18/2012 10:10

 Baghdad / denominator Sangaree
witnessing the political movement interactions and a change of roles and an exchange of positions, while the National Alliance was waving to form a majority government policy, he returned and gave up this approach argues for the need to convene the National Congress as soon as possible, and on the other side came the Iraqi List, the necessity to form a majority government political in a scene closer to exchange places, and this attraction was not spared from even members of the blocks themselves. Some of them see the need for convening the National Congress and the other believes

That it is nothing more than a political game designed to fill the basket gains gains a new increase of the popular masses in the ranks of their audiences.
Deputy for the National Alliance believes that there is no idea of the Government of a political majority in the absence of confidence that began to increase day after day and all the political blocs want to continue consensus government to maintain the gains obtained and that the calls, which calls for a national dialogue are the calls futile.
Although the intensity of interactions and the increasing rivalries between the political blocs, but that there was an unannounced to keep the crisis at a standstill, where MP Rafi Abd al-Jabbar said in an interview with (range) "that everyone wants to keep the situation as it is and all the block trying to throw the ball in the court of the other bloc, and through the above, the current crisis is a crisis fabricated purpose of the attempts of the political blocs to maintain its popularity with the audience and get more of the gains from by creating crises and keep them without solutions ".
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