Islamic Development Bank to discuss with Iraq's reconstruction in the areas affected by terrorism projects

Twilight News / face of the Islamic Development Bank's invitation to the President of the Fund for the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks Abdul Basit Turki Saeed, a representative of the Central Bank of Iraq and a representative of the World Bank to visit the bank's headquarters in Jeddah soon.
According to a statement to fund reconstruction responded Twilight News, the visit aims to discuss the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks and the possibility of the bank to support reconstruction projects, as "the development of Islamic Bank is the international body responsible for the coordination of international efforts for the reconstruction in Iraq." He had expressed the Islamic Development Bank President Ahmad Mohamed Ali on 26 March 2016 during his visit to Baghdad ready Islamic Bank to contribute to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the liberated areas of the organization (Daash) in Iraq, noting that "the possibility of developing important programs and under the supervision of the Iraqi government for the reconstruction of those areas ".