Maliki: No personal differences with Barzani

04/18/2012 0:00

Announced near the present candidates to the Ministries of Defense and Interior
Baghdad - Al-Sabah
denied Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the existence of any personal differences with the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, at the time was announced near the present candidates to the Ministries of Defense and Interior.
Maliki said: It does not have "any personal differences with Massoud Barzani I never had him with something despite all that was issued from the statements are character profile that you wish only happening, even though I can say many things, "asserting that" a lot of politicians, intellectuals and Kurdish political forces is not satisfied with this escalation, which adopted a unilateral and a lot of them Contact us and told us so clearly. "
He al-Maliki in a press statement expressed the hope that "unite the Kurdish position in accordance with the Constitution and the interests of the Kurdish people, who sacrificed much and resisted the dictatorship in order to attain their legitimate rights and to live together with the rest of the Iraqi people freedom, dignity and prosperity The atmosphere of a real democracy. " The Prime Minister explained that "the Constitution is the foundation, who made ​​the Prime Minister, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces was not determined by the deputy or agent like the countries of the largest such as America and many other countries in the region", calling for opposition to it, "going to change the constitution and set limits on the validity of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces . "
and questioned Maliki's "Alice in the region is also the Commander in Chief who is president of the region or is it part of other political forces in the security services," pointing out that "the defense ministry-run Saadoun al-Dulaimi, and there is a ministry of national security because they went with deletions and Altrchiq and I manage the Ministry of the Interior acting only a constitutional right normally. "
He also pointed out that "there are leaders of teams and operations of the Kurds as well as brothers year it is in balance," stressing that "will be candidates for the security ministries to the House of Representatives hoping to vote for her, but Aémlha like its predecessor."
the Premier added, saying: The "friction and release statements convulsive does not come well for all the Iraqi people, not even the Kurdish people," calling the Kurdish people to "beware of irresponsible statements even keep people enjoy the wealth of his country."
He explained that "the Kurdish people got the gains, as happened the people of Iraq Association on gains result of the fall of the dictatorial regime, "asserting that" talking about actually contains the concept of gratitude on the Kurds, but it legitimate rights must be preserved and not to waste it. "
The prime minister warned some of the "tone of incitement, which resort to in an attempt to alienate people against each other , or induction of the Party National against the other, through the distortion of words and removed from their context, "adding that" this approach is dangerous and harmful to everyone, and should be considered the legacy of the former regime who was not only the tragedies. "
and noted that "the differences that are being talked about and the hype it is a threat to the relations with the Kurdish people, "noting that" Iraq moved a vehicle and piece in and Turkmenh and all its components from the stage of projection of tyranny and dictatorship to stage building on the foundations of a constitutional right. "
and stressed the need to "see how the territorial authorities and the provinces in all security issues, foreign policy and control at border crossings and how the distribution of wealth and investment, "stressing" the importance of consideration of these matters seriously and in accordance with the Constitution and his oath to us, "especially as to reach a solution will be possible, since everyone is talking about the application of the Constitution.
Prime Minister also said that "what is the business of Iraqis Currently, including the Kurds is to focus on service issues and the fight against corruption and achieving security and a decent living, "and added that" the fear of the application of the Constitution and escape towards bilateral agreements and compromises and concessions here and win there does not build the country, "adding," We are committed to each individual of the Constitution and invite others to abide by " .
and on file oil smuggling, Maliki said: "It has already offered one of the officials Kurds pictures of tanks, the oil which escapes from the oil fields of the check in Khanaqin and supported with full force and indicated the direction that the evasion," he said: "Since we are to prevent smuggling to send regiment to protect the Well almost get a battle with the forces came from the region. "
The Prime Minister added, "we were informed of Kurdistan ordered the smuggling of oil, and also the Iranian side, but not through the media, and we tried to do everything possible to prevent this phenomenon," saying it as "a waste of the wealth of people, including the Kurdish people for the benefit of individuals and mafias. "
With regard to the accusations made ​​by the Kurdistan region to Baghdad of smuggling oil from southern Iraq, Re-Maliki that he would prefer "problem-solving away from the media," but he explained by saying: "We were surprised a barrage of accusations that we do not find any justification for it, and found to serve one only predators who do not want the best for the Iraqi people as a whole nor of the Kurdish people, "noting that" the face of this fact, we found ourselves obliged to clarify some facts to the public. "
Maliki has accused the Kurdistan region to "the lack of transparency" in the oil contracts conducted and explained by saying: "There is no doubt the success of our oil and the extent of transparency provided through a competition and contracts in public."
He continued: "That's the best versions of the contract to protect the wealth of the Iraqi people of manipulation that took place before the eyes of the people and the observers, but not certain success in the region who do not want to go into the nature of the policies pursued by the oil and the extent to which the gains of the people about what companies offer the benefits and temptations, "calling to" follow the constitutional foundations and assets in the investment of oil wealth. "