High Nassif calls on the government and the American administration to protect Iraqi funds from states that claim to have debts of Iraq
On: Tuesday 17/4/2012 7:59

Baghdad (news) .. called MP / Iraqi bloc of free / high Nassif, the Iraqi government and the American administration to provide protection of Iraqi funds from any attempts by some countries to demand the payment of financial belongings.
She said in a statement to transfer the Information Office of the block today: it is necessary at this stage to provide the necessary protection by the Iraqi government and U.S. administration of Iraq funds for fear of prosecution and claims by some companies and individuals, Arab and foreign countries to pay Auto financial and earnings under the pretext of indebtedness of Iraq to them.
She added that the role should be played by the U.S. administration in this area comes out of the strategic framework agreement, which branched out to include many areas, including economic, investment, and to preserve the democratic system that claims the U.S. claim to have contributed to implanting it in the new Iraq.
She said: The Iraqi experience in the economic field is still young, and here must be very careful in our dealings and financial investment with the countries that we contract with them in projects and trade and other exchanges.